Frequently Asked Questions
For Creators
Let’s See FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
For Business
Let’s See FAQ

FAQ for Creators

Where can I apply?
To become a member of our satustudio photography or videography team, click here. You can fill the online form and we will check your submit. It just take a few minutes to complete.
What required documentation do I have to provide?
All you need to do is share your CV and portfolio and some links.
What is the waiting time to reviewing my application?
Everything depends on how much demand we have for photographers or videographers at that particular time and place. Usually, it takes around one week.
What should I do to get selected?
Send us your best portfolio because we'll be looking at it closely.
After submitting the application, will I get a confirmation?
Your application will be confirmed by email as soon as it is received and checked.
What should I do after completing and submitting the online application?
We'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.
How much will my pay rate be?
As soon as our team contacts you, we will happily negotiate your fee with you.

FAQ for Business

What do I need to do before the shooting?
Select your photographer or videographer, the day, the hour, and any other relevant details so that we can provide the best results. We will organize everything else. When everything is ready, we will get in touch with you to finalize the arrangements.
How will I recognize my photographer or videographer, and where will I meet them?
All this information will be sent to you in advance, including the meeting point and the portfolio of our photographer and videographer.
What should I do if my intended location isn't on your list?
Please get in touch with us, and we'll do everything we can to send the best photographer or videographer to the location of your choice.
How do to the payment?
Payment can be made with a credit or debit card and bank transfer. Our official payment gateway partner, Midtrans, might be an alternative for you too. In case you wish to pay with another payment method you can contact us.
What kind of currency is used to make the payment?
The payment is made in Indonesian Rupiah.
How will I get my content (photos or videos)?
We will provide you a link via Google Drive in the high-resolution.
When will I receive my photos?
We promise to deliver the result in 5 working days. The result delivery depends also on client reactivity and amount of assets.
Is it possible for me to choose the final photos or videos by myself?
Our photographers and videographers will give you a chance to select the content before you receive the finals in high resolution.
Will our photos or videos be used for promotional purposes?
We will not use it without your permission. Just let us know if you don't want your images to be used for promotional reasons.
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SATU STUDIO offers a creative space for professional and creative creators. We connect business owners with professional photographers and videographers. All STUDIO CLUB members are handpicked and certified. We ensure your media is delivered with the highest quality in Bali.
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